Saturday, November 7, 2009

200 Proof Versus Wi-Fi

Test. Siesta. Sab. Madrid. Continental. Jose Luis. Ana.

Continental has been closed for a holiday break. That means the group has nowhere to study except in the cold plaza that has no wi-fi. Actually that is a lie, we finally found a place called Versus, which is funny because it was the first place we ever went to. Who knew the quirky little Medieval themed bar had wi-fi and decent music to study?

Jorge (the teacher for kickboxing) made me count in English, I guess I suck at counting to ten in Spanish. But the class was actually really fun. In kickboxing Jorge pairs me up with a kid named Javi, and I get to kick the shit out of him. Sometimes he is cool, but other times he is awkward and disrespectful (typical teenage behavior) and I can see myself only a couple of years ago in this kid. So I try to give him slack, but when it's my turn to kick and punch, I wail on the pads.

Studied in Versus for the Friday gov test. I would have been better off just going to bed, the test was two questions and they were quite simpleand what I studied didn't actually help me with those questions. Whatever. I should pass the class. After the test I finally got a siesta. And that made me happy.

Woke up to a call from Jaime telling me that Sab (from Skidmore, short, native Filipino) had gotten in from Denmark (where she is studying abroad) and wanted to go to Madrid. So we did. And we saw the national library and the exhibits there, and it was good. And chill.

Returned to Alcala for dinner, hung out. Went to Continental which had just reopened and met the gang there. They were playing cards. Continental in Continental (or a shorter version, Conti in Conti). Stayed there until 3. I would like a good martini, everyone uses mixers. And I hate how it's a pretentious drink, I just want something strong and simple. No mojitos, no cranberry vodkas, no super sweet mixer crap. I don't get it.

Got home 3:30 ish. And Ana was awake with 2 of her friends, and I hung out with them until 5 in the morning. And it was a lot of fun. I loved it. Both of them are very nice and Jose Luis asked me to take him to the young clubs to dance with the chicas and I had some very strong alcohol made of uvas (grapes) but it was pure like vodka. Sweet and definitely one of the strongest drinks I have ever had.

The best part of Spain is that everyone is crazy.

And that was the first half of the weekend.