Monday, October 19, 2009

Week Six

Top Ten for Week Six and a parting shot
1.Seeing my high school friends in a bar in Madrid.
2.Drinking with them; first time not in a house, first time legally, first time casually
3.The Reina Sofia: Guernica, and Julia in my ear (our tutor for the art class—it's ok to have a little crush on her right?).
4.Sergio, Miguel Angel, and Luis—billiards, and surreptitious pictures.
5.Tours with Arturo: a babbling brook of a voice, plus an intense knowledge of everywhere we go equals massive awesome.
6.The mar de olivas (sea of olives): a whole southern region turned into orderly rows of the bitter and extremely useful fruit.
7.Cordoba at dusk: it's like star wars episode one only older and without an annoying and offensive stereotype following you around.
8.Clubbing in ancient cities.
9.Synagogue, Churches, Mosques. The first time I have been to a religious place on the sabbath...ever.
10.Long bus rides because as much as I hate them I love them too.

The plague of students that invaded the south of Spain this last weekend