Monday, October 26, 2009

Week Seven

Week Seven in ten-ish sentences and a parting shot:

1.Rainy days in Spain; not always fun, but always an experience.
2.Tardiness by me, my professors, and the universe trying to drive me insane.
3.Stressful tests and the time spent studying for them
4.Quiet dinners with Jaime (yes they are possible).
5.Claire and Verena celebrating their birthdays—just another reason to get krunk.
6.Garbage men taking pictures of us for us; they are so nice here.
7.My clothes are getting ruined in Spain: sweatshirt has a hole, and all my colors have run.
8.Yo, Tambien. Excellent movie, if you understand Spanish go see it.
9.Shopping in America: the mall in Alcala is freaky American and the dose of home was kind of nice.
10.Getting lost in the streets of Madrid
11.Loud Americans on the buhos home; dear god, some Americans are ignorant.
12.Friends: it's nice to have them, because they make my life so much more interesting.

Alcala between rain storms