Monday, October 5, 2009

Week four

Week four in ten sentences, and pardon the parting shot not being here but my computer is wigging out on me—again.

1.Walk like a Spaniard: I can do it but I sway more like a drunkard.
2.An Italian walks up to me, speaks in English, asks for a good Spanish club—wait, what?
3.Yay for average days and tea in Continental.
4.Amputees and birth defects: Socialized healthcare ruins your babies and chops off your limbs—not really, but I would like to know why there are so many here.
5.El Escorial: the giant palace in the foothills North of Madrid, full of bodies in the basement, paintings on the ceilings, and gold on the books
6.Siestas—having them and not having them, they were my week, and I found out that I am very cranky without them.
7.Bad Chinese food, it's really weird eating it in Spain.
8.The second Madrid all-nighter.
9.Provoking international incidents through public urination (y'know, pissing on the largest Spanish flag in existence).
10.Drinking wine in the plaza Colon and not paying 15 euros to get into a gay club.