Wednesday, October 7, 2009

uninspired but spain in the rain is kind of a pain

We talk a lot about movies, tv shows, and pop-culture. If we don't talk about skidmore. I feel like the culture shock presents itself in a disgustingly earnest desire to engage in conversation about American media. It's not bad, it's just interesting that as our days become more boring, our propensity to talk about America increases.

Walked out of class to catch a train today and the professor apparently flipped a shit. I need to talk to him about that, but let's be honest, I am not getting any credit for listening to his lectures (I have to read a book and write a paper) and he is boring (like boring beyond late night public access boring).

It's interesting to think of the number of people abroad at any given time. We become ambassadors to foreign nations and promote peace and understanding in a way that only clubbing with your peers in a strange land could achieve. The question then becomes “why doesn't this translate into better world politics?” The answer: “I don't remember signing a free trade agreement with America. In fact, I don't remember anything after the second jagerbomb.”

I really don't know though. I honestly think it is that people get far too wrapped up in the petty parts, sometimes the bigger picture is too big.

I have to write a lot before next wednesday...balls.