Saturday, October 24, 2009


Shopping. Movie. Plaza.

It's getting colder now. It's just chillier when there's no sun around. But that's not too bad, I like the weather, it's temperate and nice.

Went to America yesterday. The mall section of Alcala is so much like an American mall I forgot I was in Spain at all. The day was so nice though. Went shopping. Didn't buy anything, but I meant to get a costume.

Went and saw an excellent movie “Yo, Tambien”. I could understand the movie, which was so odd, it was just going to see a movie. It was very enjoyable. I would recommend it to everyone. Great movie. I'd like to discuss the ending.

After the movie, we hung out in the plaza. It was a calm day. It was an American sunday. Those are odd to me because they just don't happen here. I have adjusted so well to the Spanish lifestyle, which is a far different calm.

No point to all this, just a sense of peace.