Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Week Five

Haven't written in a bit sorry, here's my top ten and a parting shot.

1.España actual: the world's most boring class, a professor that spits into the mic, and leaving early because it is so awful.
2.Watching the Plaza Cervantes transform into a medieval festival.
3.Awesome thunderstorms that have epic lightning, rain, and disappear as quickly as they came
5.Ryan Air, it sucks but it's great at the same time; who can really argue with the cheapest roundtrip flights of my life.
6.Almost getting mugged on the streets of Barcelona
7.My cousin Crystal and her suggestions for Barcelona; thanks, Hook was awesome.
8.Parc Guell, dipping my feet in the Mediterranean, and Gaudi
9.Naked Dutch guy named Mark, really nice but very odd; our other room mate Charles, the farting, snoring American.
10.The Cervantes festival in Alcala, it's nice to come home to Burros, fresh baked bread, and screaming kids.

Gaudi's most famous work (Sagrada Familia, Barcelona)