Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Second Madrid all-nighter

Ok, so. Last night. Madrid.

First let me say that I absolutely love the chicken place we keep going to. We fed 7 people for 42 bucks. They give us 11 euros a day. Think of the savings...oh yeah, and the restaurant is just about the best and tastiest here in Alcala.

Second, went to Madrid. Stayed out all night again. I'm not really into paying 15 euros to get into a gay club ( I was told earlier in the night that it was free but at the door they definitely were charging me to not get action, awkwardly dance, and pay more for overpriced drinks) so I didn't. Instead, after chilling in a bar, I wandered around with three Madrid program kids (James, Maria, and Laura) and 'Cente and we tried to find our own fun. We got lost. On multiple occasions. But that was ok, somehow we always made it back to someplace one of us knew. Yay for putting cities on grids. Most of the night was spent looking for a bathroom and realizing that drunk partying spaniards don't actually use restrooms, instead they have a very strong propensity to mark their territory wherever. The girls weren't so into that plan, but 'cente quite hilariously found a garbage can, pulled out a phone, pretended to talk on said phone, and urinated.

After all the members in our motley group had relieved themselves, we proceeded to Plaza Colon where James and Maria had earlier hidden a liter of vino. We sat and drank it. Then we loudly, and quite drunkenly for James and Laura, conversed until the trains started running again. 'Cente and I returned home. It was fun.

More fun though was passing out on the train, only to be rudely awoken by a man vomiting in the stairwell of the train. Great. I didn't have too much fun, but obviously he did. Blegh.

I practically ran home, it was balls cold and I was ready for sleep. Yay for nights that go until 7:30.

The moral of this story isn't go out, get drunk, and pee on the largest flagpole you can find (though I did that and it is extremely disrespectful and if anyone is remotely thinking of doing that please consider the consequences of an international incident involving a symbol of national pride and your urine). The moral is that you can have your own fun on your own terms. I have mentioned before that I far prefer to get to know people than to awkwardly dance at a club (especially a gay one that charges 15 euros—did I mention that yet?) and if that is the kind of all night fun I want to have then I can have that. It's not stage 2 to say that you don't want to do something (like go to a gay club and pay 15 euros for admission).

By the way, is four forms of photo identification not enough here in the EU? Because last night I had 4 forms and the bouncer still was all huffy about it. (“OK...I guess I can let you in...). I am not going to get borracho and stumble around with my passport in my back pocket in the middle of Madrid at 3 in the morning. Sorry I have 4 other forms of Spanish government issued ID.

I'm going to take a nice siesta today.