Monday, October 26, 2009

Row, Party, Stop, Sick, Buho.

Lazy day. Workout with Jaime. Casa de pollo. Madrid. Bar. Taxista. Mini. Buhos.

I'm not your mom but I do care about you. Unlike your mother I will not stop you from doing what you want. Make your own mistakes, kill yourself if you want, I am not here to stop that—unless you want me too.

Anyways, Saturday was a lazy day. Just hung out and tried to get life in order. Did a little work caught up on the office. Went to the gym, worked out with Jaime. Ate an early dinner at the place that is now becoming our regular hangout, Pollo de Alcala. And then the night got going.

Went to Madrid and found our way into the bar that Dani (went to Skidmore last year, from Madrid, really nice) works out and proceeded to drink heavily...well not me. I was starting to get sick (head cold sick not too much to drink sick) so I kept my drinking to a minimum. But we (too many of us to name) ended up staying for a good enough amount of time that everyone else (except for Maria, who drove) was sufficiently soused up for a night out.

That's about the time the problems started...

hopped in a taxi because there wasn't any space in Maria's car, and headed to a club. The ridiculous and stupid taxista didn't know where he was going. And honestly neither did we, mostly because Maria was the only one who knew. So we got out, and the cuss-prone taxista sped off. He was kind of a...dick. There was a good portion of time we were on the streets of Madrid with no clue where we were. Finally got picked up by Maria who had dropped off the rest. By the time we got to the club everyone was tired though.


So we went to the Buho station. Mini was a little more than drunk. Suffice it to say that the hour waiting for the Buhos was probably a good idea given the large amount of bile and dinner left on the streets of Madrid by that girl. The random part was that two girls from the program suddenly appeared (Rosie and Krizia, both Tufts, extremely nice) and I guess they traveled all the way on the Buhos to party in Madrid with us but because we didn't know where we were for such a large portion of it they got stuck at the bus station. Like I said, the night was weird. Anyways, after Mini expelled the contents of her stomach and we all got on the bus home I couldn't help but notice the extremely loud and drunk and blond Americans in the front.

Sometimes the stereotypes of Americans are extremely true. It was not fun listening to them on the way back. Got home at 5 or without daylight savings 6.

I'm just glad Sunday was chill because I am definitely a bit sick.