Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reno High in Madrid

Saw Anwar, Ameen, Sydney, and Brandon today (went to high school with all of them and took a very large portion of my classes with all of them). If it was weird to see one person I knew from high school in Spain, it was a whole new level of odd to see five of us together from high school--not quite adults--in a bar together in Madrid. It was great. It was frightening.

It means we have started to grow up I think. That means we are free, it also means we are getting old. It also means the future: the power that we have been asking for all our lives is quickly finding its way into our grasp. Being abroad is the “life altering event that gives you the maturity and confidence to accomplish your goals.” that bullshit doesn't fly with me, but being abroad certainly illustrates many of the limits to your abilities and independence.

When abroad is all over, when college is all over, when young and carefree is over, what will we do. There are 6.5 short years until my 10 year reunion. I don't want to say the most exciting thing was buying the tie for my reunion. I don't want to say my most important decision was to RSVP before or after my haircut.

Sorry, I meant to write more about how much fun I had (a lot), but my mortality and helplessness struck me harder.