Friday, October 2, 2009

Real Coordination and Good Planning = Siesta and Lunch

It is really nice to go to the gym. Getting a good workout is necessary to finish the meals that Ana prepares for me. I try so hard but they are extremely difficult to eat unless I have exercised prodigiously. Eating is so important here and I just don't understand how they stay so slim.

I have missed my siesta for the last couple of days, and that pisses me off a lot. I can't stay out late without a nice little nap. I was cranky last night because of it.

My spanish is getting pretty decent. I don't know why I speak in english anymore, I think it's because it is easier and there are times we don't want people to know what we are saying. It's interesting having the bilingual (not quite but I mean, fluent enough to convey almost any thought) card and playing it. Spanish is a really freaking fast language. It doesn't have as many peaks in vowels or differences in vowel pronunciation and thus tends to fall rapidly off the tongue. The limitation is that there are significantly fewer words in Spanish. Descriptions require about 2 to 3 times as many adjectives to adequately convey a concept. Not a big deal except that punchlines, at least from the English translation have a tendency to not quite work.

But that also is because I have to break away from the English to Spanish train of translating thought. If I speak and think in Spanish I am sure the jokes (and the punchlines) will flow naturally.

Today I am skipping the Thyssen Museum because I believe a siesta should trump all.