Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pop Music Explorations of Home

Chilling. Skipping. Working out. Routine. Life.

I am adjusted. I could live a life here, forever if I want. But I won't. That's fine. I am going to Ireland tomorrow, look for long posts for updates. Right now I want to reiterate my very chill lifestyle.

The semester should just be free credits. Because I can't possibly pretend to work much longer.

Anyways, I miss everyone back home. I am excited for Halloween but it just reminds me that I am not in America, which is good and bad. In context to how much I miss my friends at home, it's not so great. But that fades each time I experience something new here.

Slight deviation from Spain. I love the music in my life. It is my home. Everytime I pull up a song or an artist I can grab moments in memory. I can extract memories that always seem so faint without the song. Simple notes elicit smells, images, dialogue, people, places: home. So it has come to pass (as the Bible says) that my home has become my iPod—and the battery is dying. Is there some deeper meaning to the fact that I can no longer go home (metaphorically speaking) for as long anymore? That sometimes now I can't have home when I want it?

It probably just means I need a new battery, but the human capacity to find symbolism in the mundane and insignificant is quite astounding.

Ireland tomorrow!