Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sea of Olives

Billiards. Botellon. Late night. Baez. Olive press. Olive fields. Castle, mountain town. Drunken chinita lady.

Ran to the train station. Thus began the trip to andalucia. I made it, without the call from claire though I wouldn't have even made the next train. Slept on the bus, woke up to see two windmills (molinos) in the distance. Ate breakfast at a roadside cafe and drank fresh squeezed orange juice. It was nice. Got back on the bus. Went to los banos de Encina...i think. It was a castle, a town, and a church on the top of a hill. That's where the olive trees started. Olive trees for miles. Rows and rows of neatly planted olive green.

Took a tour of a castle, ancient. Think, people lived there in their cold unwashed states, and we run around there taking our pictures without reverence. Enjoy spain. People died there.

Pulled into Baeza and got settled in. did another tour. So many tours. Beautiful old architecture. Botellon. Do that. Drank a lot. Had drinking games in Alex and Verena's hotel room, too many pictures that can never be put on facebook.

Went to a bar. Saw Miguel, Luis, and Sergio (directors of the program) and played some billiards. I didn't win. Oh well. Danced until the early hours of the morning. When we came back we were very loud and the hotel lady (in a creepy horror movie style) followed us around shushing us. But before we made it to the hotel we ran into a very drunk middle-aged lady that said that she became a chinita (little chinese lady). I dunno what to say about it.