Thursday, October 15, 2009

Modern Art IS Trash

Went to the Reina Sofia today. It is a great art museum. Full of Picasso and Dali. I loved it. Before I saw most of that stuff in person I thought it was lazy man's art, but now I have a much deeper appreciation for what they were trying to accomplish.

The art, while simple, is not supposed to be a reflection of complexity or technique. It is supposed to be a reflection of the transcendence of art from realism to raw emotionalism. And boy do they do it well. Art is supposed to elicit a reaction. And with abstractions and minimal input they are able to convey feelings that are complex and visceral.

Guernica is a perfect illustration of that philosophy. In pictures and on paper it looks like a child's drawing. In reality, the sheer size and scope of the painting illustrates that each element was carefully chosen, and exists to elicit the mood, and feelings that Picasso strove to convey.

Basically the Reina Sofia was an awesome museum.