Saturday, October 24, 2009

Impetus pretentious...

I am not unique. Of course I am, but I write because I have the shared experience of not knowing what the hell I am doing/learning with so many of my peers. What we know is that we want to make a least that's what I hope people have as a desire. But college, the semester abroad, are a purgatory for change and meaning.

Purgatory is the land where the sins of the body are burned off until our eternal souls are ready to be judged. Honestly, the alcohol, selfishness, and excessive partying are tearing my body apart and I better have an eternal soul under the hood because my eternal organs look to have passed their half-life.

And so I keep in touch with everyone I can. My life has been cut into tiny pieces. California, Oregon, Nevada, New York, Spain. And that doesn't count any of the many other places that the people from those places have gone. Washington State, DC, Massachussetts, Britain, Australia, India, China, France, Austria, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Colorado, Utah, Brazil, etc. Does space matter in the digital age?

Pieces. But eventually they will fuse back together, only to fragment again. And when I return to the place I started, I will not have resolved anything. A world full of doubts, of unsaid thoughts.

I can only hope that with this comes the knowledge and power needed to be better than the last generation. Drastically better.

So for everyone abroad, I guess I am telling you to have fun, and not forget that whether we like it or not we are the near future, not the distant one anymore.