Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hate is such a strong word

Tarde. Angry. Kill. Rain.

Ok so. Today was a wash. In the sense that I had to spend so much of it doing what I hated. I hated sitting in EspaƱa Actual. I hated that he held us late after starting the class late. I hate that I had to arrive late in Madrid. I hate that I had to stay late in Madrid for a stupid conference. I hate that the man kept us twenty five minutes late. I hate that I have to study for a test tomorrow. I hate that because all of this I don't get to hang with my buddies in Madrid.

I find it extremely disrespectful and rude to treat the students in the class like a captive audience with no other obligations. I understand if you want us to put in the work but let's start with you (the professor) putting in the effort to show up on time in the first place. The old saying, “you gotta give respect to get it” goes both ways.

And I am so freakin' tired of the construction in Madrid. C'mon guys, get your shit together. The city looks like it's in shambles.

The rain today did not help. 7 hours of class and one was canceled. How much do you think an assault rifle costs?