Saturday, October 24, 2009


Everything about my existence in Spain is like a parody, a sort of dryly humorous slapstick existence.

I roll out of my little bed with the shrunken sheets that don't quite fit it. And I try to put on clothes that after multiple washes are like wearing cardboard. And I try to take a shower but only bump my elbows on the plastic shower walls and drop the shampoo and hit my head on the knob and find that I need to hold the shower head because it's angled at the wall. I try to dry myself off with a towel, but it's so rough I get a rash and by the time I am sitting here on this computer typing on one of the smallest keyboards in existence, I can't help but laugh at my tiny existence and feel grateful that I'm not bigger than I am. Perhaps everyone is so skinny here because they have to be.

I need to put on pants.