Monday, September 21, 2009

What's for lunch? Abondigas? Da a luz?

Today was a day of beginnings. But not in that mushy cute sort of way. More in that rough and sleazy, down and dirty, oops I still don't quite understand the language kind of way. Let's start with the classes. Did the first classes, they were funny because I definitely have the nodding and smiling at appropriate times portion of life down pat. I know I look like I understand, but I don't. Today made that very clear.

I got a very scratchy and incomprehensible phone call from Ana today. All I could make out was that she wasn't going to be home when I got home. I had to have her finally text me in English before it made sense. But what I got out of the conversation was that my lunch was waiting for me.

When I got home it all made sense though. Let me recount the story from Ana's perspective in English.

“Hey Nick it's Ana”
“Hi, what's up?”
“I am not going to be home because I am with my son.”
“oh, ok”
“His wife is having a baby! I left your lunch on the counter.”
“I am going to the hospital with my son now, when will you be home”
“20 minutes, what about lunch?”
“I left it on the counter, but I won't be there, my daughter-in-law is having a baby. Do you understand?”
“No, I don't understand, do I have to buy my own lunch?”
“You don't understand, my son is having a baby! I won't be home for lunch.”

you get the idea. Hung out a lot today. Really casual day. Dunno what I am going to do for classes this semester, political economy seems nice but I can't hear the professor.

Dar a luz means to have a baby. Literally, to give a light. I like it a lot.