Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week two

Week 2 in 10-ish sentences and a parting shot

1.Bananas: the postre del dia=best dessert ever!
2.Murphy's Law in action: if you need to scramble out of the house in your best pair of jeans, your cute little perrito will take a dump on it, and then do it on your bathroom rug.
3.The surreal and beatific scenery and cuteness of Segovia. It's not quaint like the French whose arrogance and condescension permeate even the walls of any villa in that damn country.
4.Got hit on by some hotties in a night club—which is sort of true.
5.Met two great espanolas: Luis and Sebastion.
6.Watched two people dry hump each other on the dance floor; if I get that wasted just don't let me make love to the couch.
7.First trip to Madrid; rainy, cloudy, claustrophobic, uncomfortable, cool.
8.Bitchy waitress at Continental, I just want a hot chocolate and brandy.
9.Roman re-enactments in Segovia, are we in italy or spain I really can't tell.
10.The freakin' castle!

Alcazar Castle, Segovia, Spain