Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week One

Summary of the week in 10ish sentences and a parting shot:

1.I bricked my computer in a foreign country and briefly weighed the merits of jumping from a seventh story window versus trying to fix the damn thing.
2.Drank behind an old castle wall that was converted into parking...i don't really get it either.
3.Ate for free or close to free because our waiter didn't charge us for almost everything
4.All these spanish girls are tall and skinny and the American girls are short; it's like trying to find dwarves in a forest of legs, makeup, giant hair, and sequins.
5.Can-can: the bar for stupid americans that think sangria is the drink of choice for spaniards (of course, implied in that sentence are the obvious repercussions of drinking far too much pseudo-sangria loaded with vodka).
6.Public acts of distaste: Urination (our group), and two people I just met having sex in the shadows of a park—bienvenidos a espana.
7.Excellent food, and way too much of it.
8.The spanish don't have a word for awkward which makes it kind of—er, awkward.
9.Too many pictures next to the statue of Don Quijote
10.Chupitas (shots): bad idea, worse idea, alto, a bajo, al centro, al dentro. *edit: as Verena kindly pointed out, the saying is "para arriba, para abajo, para el centro y para adentro!"

La Calle Mayor, Alcala de Henares