Tuesday, September 8, 2009



i still don't have the whole kissing thing down. two kisses for acquaintances, one on the left cheek for friends, and try not to be awkward. i always get that last part wrong. oh well.

my homestay mother is really nice. ana. she is like the nice landlady in noir films or novels. she always is wearing a long brightly colored floral pattern dress and i think all she does is cook and watch tv. anyway, she has curly blonde hair, is pushing her mid-fifties and exudes the spanish aura. she is always smoking and asking if i want more food. yes. but no. please dear god no.

julie was way hungover today. it sucked she just wasn't feeling good. but that's ok she got to leave the world's most boring tour under that excuse. still no phone, i am very lazy.

9 asians. countless mullets.