Sunday, September 6, 2009

two days three days SPAIN

as if to prepare me for the paradox of entering a modern catholic society, the flight in had a camera mounted on the tail, giving me a webcam view of the plane over spain. the profile of the plane made a distorted cross with the wings acting as the arms and reiterating heavily a theme that i am sure will be prevalent in the coming months.
almost as if to immediately confirm my suspicions, the university at alcala was set up by a pope and is a medieval style structure with modern amenities such as wi-fi. cool. and there is no shortage of catholic influence.

went out hard last night. it was an excellent welcoming to a foreign country. i can see how hard it will be to speak espanol while i am here. once i wean myself of the necessity to be quick i will almost definitely find my footing.
anyways, walked around downtown with a bunch of the skidmore kids until around nine thirtyish then we went back to the campus got ourselves together and went out again. then the drinking started. and the hookah (sheesha or...i forgot the other word for it). when that bar got boring we went out again. around midnight. we partied a bit more. then we met up with Maria, a student that spent some time abroad at skidmore. she showed us the bars that the local kids go to and the drinks immediately dropped from 6 to a bazillion euros to almost nothing. 40 shots. stumbled back to the campus at around 2:30. hung out in the courtyard. then my room mate wasn't back yet so i had to wait around. luckily a girl here, claire, decided to stay up and hang with me. about 3 he came in. i slept. now i'm done writing.
one of maria's friends, all were very nice, insisted on telling me that popcorn was called palomitas. PAL-O-MI-TAS. got it. thanks.
Bellavista, 3 izquierda, 6 d
28804 alcala de henares (madrid)

it's my new address and phone number. watched gran hermano (big brother 11). there are two houses. one full of secrets and another full of the regular group of tools and nutballs.

alcala just stops. i am on the edge of town and then there are fields. this is good urban planning as far as i can tell. it is a district with multiple towns and each one ends and has a distinct urban boundary. anyways, it is so cal weather, a bit humid, very dry in terms of precipitation, and windy in the evening.

culture is a weird thing. we just accept certain bits of it. the ridiculousness of our commercials, our dress, our whatever. almost immediately upon entering a strange land, certain things become evident parodies of themselves. it must extend to even our most ingrained prejudices. that can't be good.

example: the contestant males on gran hermano 11 all had an odd look to them, i wouldn't say unattractive but not american attractive. i realized how little things make up a culture. the machismo of males always guarding their woman on the streets, while very subtle, is quite interesting. the biggest thing here so far policy wise that seems to show american ignorance is gay marriage. in a heavily catholic country full of machismo, gay marriage still seems to fit in extremely well with the land.

all i'm saying is YOU CAN'T CATCH THE GAY AND IT DOESN'T CASTRATE YOU. let it happen please.