Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tetas! and a Telefono Movil

there is so much graffiti here. it doesn't bother me but i have noticed the striking similarity of spain to recessed southern california. the roads aren't quite as good, the walls aren't as clean, and the graffiti is very creative sometimes.

last night was odd, after meeting our intercambios (pen pals...and mine didn't even show up) everyone dispersed in a manner not similar to how it normally goes. which is great because i get to meet new people and spend some time with them. but i hung with some tufts kids and really enjoyed that. it's just a different scene.

after eating for free at un restaurante (the waiter only charged us for our drinks, and only a few of them at that) we hung out in the plaza cervantes. then we went out for chupitas. the bars here are very cheap if you know where to go and know someone that works there. so many free shots or extremely cheap shots means that i barely spend a euro some nights. but if it's not a weekend, and you are in a turista bar, drinks can be 8 euros or more. and that kind of sucks.

around 3 we went to the new part of alcala. it is much more like a modern suburban strip. not as much of a fan but it has a lot of clubs of which we got kicked out of one and rejected from another (more later). while we (jaime, 'cente, y yo) were waiting for the girls to arrive, we saw one of the directors of the program, sergio. he is kind of a goofy guy, lanky with big ears and a lot of personality. anyways, we went to this club where the bouncers gave us dark stares that said, “stupid americans” no se. we did get in. but 'cente rolled up his sleeves and put on his hat and they kicked us out. not before listening to got a feeling by the black eyed peas though. so we went to another club, but i'm not 22 and i don't have tetas (i mean really, what do you think tetas are?) so we went to ANOTHER club. when we were leaving i noticed that all these spanish girls are tall and skinny and our girls are kind of short. no se pero it's like trying to find dwarves in a forest of legs, makeup, giant hair, and sequins.

went home, but the taxista didn't know where the university is. he did, but not the right one. no importa, we got home alright. which is important. woke up this morning smelling awful.

i think it was the stinky bouncers.