Friday, September 18, 2009

The surreal life

I had a dream. I mean, a lot of people dream. It's kind of human. Whatever. The dream consisted of me being in spain. No, being in reno. Orientation for the spain program was in reno. Downtown was alcala, but we went to a club outside of town. Saw matt and max, friends from home. It was a weird fusion of home and spain. The hardest part of the dream wasn't the fusion, it was trying to explain it to my companions in the dream (kids from the trip). Reno is so much a part of who I am and I forget that sometimes. Alternately, the fusion itself was interesting because the landscapes blend into each other so easily that there was no visible transition in my dream. On the way to the club, we had the espanolas from last night with us, and they stopped to graffiti a wall. Spain is leaving its mark on me.

I guess the lesson of that stream of consciousness dream is that as much as people don't understand me there is so much I don't understand about other people and the world. Watching the two graffiti that wall on mayberry two thoughts went through my head: first, that sucks I love the pristine nature of my neighborhood; second, it's ok though, I am trying to immerse myself in spanish culture.

What's cultural? What's individually unique?

As people get older, their life experiences diverge greatly; it's amazing how a culture can unite individuals so dramatically.