Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stage 2?

Honestly: I could chill in the plaza Cervantes for far longer than I can pretend to love shitty pop songs and dancing along to them. I mean, yes and no. I don't hate the whole pop song and dancing and drinking thing, but I am far more receptive to the journey and the free time in the plaza. Being loud and shooting the bull are my favorite things to do. Dancing poorly and drinking heavily, while fun, cannot even begin to compare to sitting in the Plaza Cervantes and watching life slowly progress. The cool air, the streetlights, the people, the life (real life, not that fake fuzzy crap that happens in the bars) create an atmosphere supreme to the smoke-filled, alcohol-centric, musically challenged bar counterpart.

Maybe it's just a bit of homesickness. Maybe it's just tonight. Maybe it's just because I was tired. But whatever it was, conversation was the most important thing to me tonight, and I didn't get enough of it.

Ate a delicious dinner. Definitely am going back to that chicken place.

I need sleep.