Tuesday, September 22, 2009

simple things with profoundly unsolvable answers aka pretentious nonsense

La verdad esta entre de una mentira y un mentiroso. The truth is between a lie and a liar.

Worked out today. All pumped because I worked so hard and got so much done. Had a meeting with a psychologist that told me I am an emotionally stable and healthy individual that may be beaten into the ground by the unfamiliarity of my settings.

But I have learned some good stuff too.

Like phrases everyone should know with an accompanying reason why:
1.“Gracias.” I say it more often than I mean it but it helps a lot.
2.“Si.” means yes. The default answer, the life saver, the easiest way to get food you don't want.
3.“me gusta mucho.” much like gracias, saying you like something whether you do or not smooths over cultural differences really well.
4.“donde vamos?” where are we going? Generally the person I am asking doesn't tend to know though.
5.“Que hicimos?” what are we doing? Sitting in the plaza, eating dinner, drinking way too much are the common answers.
6.“donde estamos?” where are we? Espana. It was funny the first week, now I know that no one actually knows.
7.“que es este?” what is that? Sometimes you don't want to know so be careful with that one.
8.“vale.” OK only used more frequently.
9.“no tengo ni puta idea,” I don't have a bitch of a clue. The default answer to all the above questions.
10.“joder.” Damn, Shit, crap. Useful.