Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No tengo dinero o mi pasaporte...

Finally skyped with my dad yesterday. That was good news. A bit frustrating because I have software issues and he has hardware issues. At least my computer isn't completely fried.

We went to the continental last night, must have been the monday slump because we didn't speak in spanish at all. It was so bad the waitress tried to kick us out early and i'm certain that by the end of the night she thought we didn't speak spanish at all besides blanco ruso (white russian) and gracias. It was funny but embarrassing as well. More spanish today.

There are a ton of americans here. It's so weird. The university has a ton of programs and I swear to god I keep seeing new groups arriving. Ugh. Stupid americans.

Had a good day. Which is way more than I can say for one of the girls here, claire. Suffice it to say that past her computer breaking down and it being impossible to purchase there were also other issues at hand. El dia mas peor del mundo. Alex and I were looking at each other in the mall asking how we could help because it was definitely one of those ordeals where everything seems to go wrong.

I was fine though. Thanks for asking. I use too much english per day. I should speak in spanish more. But now that I think about it I realize that they blend into each other. Kind of weird. Hope that's good news.

Went to the continental again. The waitress was a total bitch this time. Excuse the language. Asked her for something and she just walked away. Played “who am I?” great game. I was Rasputin and Juan Carlos I. Lots of fun. Tufts kids were there.