Wednesday, September 9, 2009

no importa

“hace calor.” it's hot. every day. and my homestay mother doesn't ever seem to forget to mention it. spanish is interesting because it is a much simpler language.

english has approximately one million words in it. spanish does not begin to approach that number. the eskimos had over 90 words for snow, and here it's just hot. there is no word for awkward in spanish.

there are many murcielagos(bats) here.

my phone kinda sucks still. it doesn't work yet

Ana feeds me way too much. every day lunch is a marathon. but that's fine because it is probably the only meal i eat that is really large. dani next door is very nice and he speaks to me a lot about a lot of things. always friendly. and today i saw some soccer and i really missed the sport a lot. i have to figure that out.

i stopped counting asians, there seems to be a fair amount here. surprising.