Monday, September 7, 2009

i have seen 7 asians so far


i am in a medium density urban environment, the majority of the buildings are apartment building with stores on bottom (mixed-use zoning) and about 5 to 15 stories high. the city just ends and there are rolling golden hills. the buildings of the university are old (one was a jail, another a convent, etc) and some have renovations from almost every century. the city is kind of like the town in beauty and the beast if it was suddenly populated by modern storefronts.

there is only ana in my homestay but i just met the neighbors next door and one is a guy named dani and he's 20. i am in a sixth floor apartment.

i spend a lot of time so far with jaime, ariel, alex, claire, and verena. jaime and verena know a lot of spanish and help the rest of us a lot. mostly we are all so excited but we haven't settled down or really absorbed anything yet.

just woke up from a siesta. awesome.

bought toothpaste and a sponge. my spanish is setting in. i want to use certain spanish words as a shortcut to english and often i prefer to say something in spanish. i sang on the way home tonight in spanish. it was a bittersweet song about the temporal nature of this place to me...and it was in spanish!

the tufts kids seem a bit pushy, they were kind of freaked out about finding a phone plan, almost to the point of annoying me...which takes a lot. so i hung with the skidmore kids. we got some ice cream, some food, some drink and explored new parts of the town. i can't keep spending this much money on drinks—there are easier ways and much cheaper ways than going to the top of a hotel on the edge of the city and looking west to madrid in an ultra chic bar with sleazy waiters. es mucho mas mejor isn't a phrase btw. es mucho mejor is though. the difference as i was so nicely told by the bartender with a huge tattoo (tatuaje) is “that's much more better” versus “that's much better”. i think i like the grammatically incorrect version now that i know, language is versatile.

walked some girls home and then spent the walk back to the apartment thinking about the rapid change that has occurred so far. not in me but in the chemistry between me and spain. i think we're getting it together.

we take a lot of pictures next to don quixote's statue.