Friday, September 11, 2009


if you don't want to read the boring stuff, i will definitely post a synopsis about every sunday.

heard an english speaking spanish version of all my loving by the beatles.

i am definitely learning the language. i was sitting at the table during lunch and ana and our 2 vecinos (neighbors) were talking about something quite quickly. i didn't understand what they were least i thought i didn't. my thoughts were, “when i really know this language, they will speak to me about sad things.” almost immediately the tone of the conversation changed and ana teared up. it was interesting how i definitely picked up on the theme but not the content...

woke up from last night. we drank in a parking lot that was really a castle wall. i don't like hanging around americans. they are noisy and conspicuous. no importa. i saw a kitten running around the streets last night. black and white. quite cute. i drank a lot of free sangria, i drank a lot of rum and fanta. i spent a lot of time hugging the toilet seat. not again. that was not something i am going to do again. i am still really dehydrated and i want the sirens to stop and the phone to stop and that damn donkey (burro) to stop.

free sangria at can can. no se. i think i like it but it is too american. sangria is for turistas unless it's a special celebration. there's no such thing as water for free. i want to shoot somebody because i would really like that—water, not to shoot someone.