Saturday, September 19, 2009

Glad it's for tourists

woke up this morning from a long night out...which was actually a quite early 3:30 am. Anyways, I woke up had breakfast, and Luna (the cute little rat-dog) took a dump on my jeans, then my bathroom rug. Yay. Leaving soon Luna and you took a dump on my jeans, you rock.

Get into Segovia. Exhausted. Beautiful city, met the new madrid kids. Dunno, haven't really talked to them a bit. Whatever. Segovia is a town you do in one day. Very touristy.

Bad-ish bit. Cranky and hungry I set out to eat with some of us and by the time we sat down I was angrily misunderstanding the camarero to the point that I was (not-quite) yelling at him. I felt really bad, but I got my comeuppance. All my food was last to arrive and my dessert was the postre del dia—i didn't know what it was. Lo and behold, a beautiful plate with a pristine cold banana arrives for my dessert. Mmm...everyone else got a chocolate crepe. Lesson, don't be cranky with meseros. It's not their fault. But I enjoyed my cold banana, truthfully I couldn't have eaten much more than that.

Aqueducts, castles, and roman re-enactments. Segovia is italian? At the castle, which was enormous and beautiful, we met an old man that knew everything about the area, he was very nice and had lots to say. There was a wedding by the castle.

Beautiful sunset, scenic place, I couldn't spend much more time here.