Friday, September 25, 2009

Things I am Learning...

First and foremost, some palabrotas and interesting phrases I have learned:
Joder. Shit, crap, damn.
Coño. Cunt, but with less meaning.
Puta. Literally whore, but used much more like bitch.
Mierda. Shit.
...Que te cagas. Like when you shit. It's cold que te cagas. Funny.
Hacer el polvo. To have sex. Literally to make/do the dust.
Pene. Penis. And penis is hilarious.

Went clubbing last night. Mini (Tufts, Texan, and Tiny) is really gullible, not necessarily last night, but generally. She was just loud and drunk last night; she yelled at me and I was sitting next to I moved. Worked out hard at kickboxing, I believe Kariela (Skidmore, New Yorker) watched me do the kickboxing and said something along the lines of “damn Asians.” The best part of getting reimbursed by the college to go to a gym is that we can take a bunch of classes together and we get to work out on a regular basis. Finished the kickboxing class, drank some rosé and ate tons of Italian (there's a pretty decent place here).

Walked around a bit by myself yesterday and found myself searching my future 10 to 15 years from now. And Spain, a mere three months in my life, would stand out as a powerful and distinct point in my life. I, whatever I do, have found the abroad experience to reaffirm my place in this world, and it will continue to do so well into the future. Also, the fact that I am in Spain, made me a bit dizzy and freaked out. It's so cool here. I keep thinking back to how I did things in the States and wondering how I ever made it to college speaking Spanish before realizing that I get to speak English in America.

Anyways, when we finally went out at midnight, we (Alex, Arielle, Claire, Verena, y yo) made our way to the Facultad de Economia where we met up with some other kids, and 'Cente joined us. Went to Gabana bar, but it was dead. So we wanted to go out and get chupitas at another bar. A couple things: bars aren't open Thursday nights, we knew that, we took the long way, and we knew that too. We just didn't really think, which seems to be a recurring theme. Once we made it to the seemingly distant and very closed bars, we continued walking a little and found ourselves literally right back at the beginning, where our journey started. Perhaps that is why Gatorade and rum don't quite work together...

Said screw it. Went back to gabana, got a free beer and free shit from Carlsberg (the beer company)...or I could have if I wanted. But I didn't. 'Cente had two coupons but was under the impression that girls could only get free stuff, so he gave the tickets to Alex and told me, “I am going to the baño, but tell that bitch Alex I want a large women's shirt and speakers.” Even in context it sounds weird.

The girls ordered bad drinks. Alex put it aptly, “it's like piña colada...and ass.”

I woke up, went to Madrid, did the Prado, and came back. I am sore from working out. Siestas save my life.