Friday, September 18, 2009

Dirty Dancing and Bad Ideas

Went to the Gabana bar. The bar for erasmus (foreign exchange students). It's like that song in school house rock about the great american melting pot, but more like a bunch of drunk euro-trash students and americanos trying to understand desperately the unfamiliar and ultimately uncomfortable situations in which they find themselves. So drink up because the beer is free until midnight as long as you order in a language not spanish.

Case in point, the crowded joint known as gabana bar became my simultaneous bane and Anyways, hanging out, minding my business when two girls come up to me and ask me if I am japanese. Always a tough answer for me, culturally, citizenship-wise, no. blood, half. Appearance, one hundred percent. Try to explain that in a language you barely know in a club louder than your mother when she wants you to clean your room. Anyways, it didn't matter, it was just a pick-up line I think, at least that's how everyone seemed to interpret se. no importa.

Second example. The couple, a black girl (young, totally wasted) and the espanola (pretty out of it, kind of old and starting to bald) dancing (read: making out excessively and then just straight up dry humping on the dance floor) behind me. Obviously didn't know each other. Obviously ready to strip each other down in public. Obviously needed a room. But that obviously can't happen because you don't go back to people's places here. Obviously a cultural no no.

third example. Me: pissed that the place is so crowded my feet keep getting stepped on. Brad: nowhere to be found, extremely borracho. Guy in purple shirt: twice my size and definitely an angry drunk. Good idea: bump him hard trying to find your drunk companion. Solution: just apologize profusely and don't go back that way; try not to wake up unconscious on a dirty bar floor because a guy twice your size just sucker punched you in the back of the head. Bad news: I didn't get in a fight, oh well.

Anyways, we met two espanolas...forgot their names sorry. But two guys with decent knowledge of english and we hung out at gabana and then in the plaza. One was very drunk with brad and was yelling profanities and teaching me a fair amount. Finally walked home and found that one lives quite close to me and knows dani well. Cool huh? I feel like this town is quite small...

took pictures with don quijote again...this time with complete strangers.