Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Derecho Constitucional

Thank god nothing eventful has happened since Sunday night/Monday morning. Just go to class, eat food and do a little work. The quiet night in the Continental Cafe made my night last night. And tonight, I am just chilling in my room. Finally. Finally everything: showered, talked to people at home, got some good sleep, ate well, did work, worked out, felt normal.

Other news. Ana and I had an interesting conversation about the stupid American that created my sunday. She divulged that my heritage as Japanese obviously made me less stupid than the American. She also said that if I had a French friend over he could stay for more time in the house because they don't have Gripe A (H1N1, the swine flu, the 1918 flu on crack, the plague, a ratings boon for media outlets). I'm not sure if it's racism or just political incorrectness and ignorance.

Which brings me to the bigger point. Racism here seems to be a much tougher thing for the Spanish to overcome. Sex, in a post-Franco world, opened up a huge wave of tolerance for LGBT. There wasn't really a huge sweeping civil rights movement for the Spanish though. Racism has faded heavily but it's still more noticeable than in the US. And maybe that is just because I have grown up in some of the least racially segregated parts of America. I dunno. It just seems that racism, or racial ignorance/intolerance (which is what it really seems to be) is far more open here.

I totally have legit work to do, so I am going to do it.