Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bill Clinton

First of All, let's see this kick ass video of Bill Clinton. He is still the shit.

ok. now that we have established that he is an eloquent, thoughtful, and logical man, let's see what cnn has to say about him.

what? oh. really? you sure?

i guess he was an angry motherfucker that is lashing out at the republicans. and let's not even try to evaluate the truth of his statements or the validity they hold in the world of facts but instead let's focus on how his background is likely to unite voters against his wife.

there's some liberal shiz for you straight from the liberal media trying to shove that liberal bull down our throats. those left-wing lunatics at cnn are so left-leaning with their clinton hating bs that it sickens me.

wait. no. the focus of wolf and anderson is actually about the republicans and how they can capitalize on the clintons. this is not cliffsnotes or a democratic propaganda machine here, this is obviously the media shrinking away from any sort of backlash from the republicans and instead handing the GOP fodder. what type of free press is this when cnn acts like a beaten dog, it is despicable.

that's all i have to say for now.

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