Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Working at the Deli

Me: Hi, what can i get you
Her: I know there is no one else in line and that i have had the opportunity to look at what i want for the last five or so minutes while you prepared other meals, but i got lost in my beautiful boyfriend's eyes.
Me: that's fine, i'm just going to judge you quietly
Her:hmm...i can't figure it out still, i guess it would be easier to put a bullet through my brain.
Me: indeed.
Her: how about you help me studly muffinkins, you gorgeous snookum bear.
Boyfriend: are so cute kitty nipples, here, let me be a big manly man sweetums mccutiepie.
me: *hurl*
Boyfriend: holy shit! there are a lot of choices.
her: i think i want turkey
me: on what type of bread
Her: cuddly-bear? what type of bread?
boyfriend: *lost in his reflection* huh?
her: you're right, wheat.
me: ok, anything else?
her: *long deep sigh* i'm puzzled by these symbols on this sign
me: you mean words? english?
her: yeah, i just want tomato, and can you grill it?
me: yeah, pickle?
her: *giggle*
me: *bitch-slaps them both as hard as possible*

that is real customer service

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