Monday, October 29, 2007

My Top 10...Sci-Fi Worlds

Okay. These aren't ranked mostly because i don't want to be burned at the stake by Trekkies/Trekkers, Star Wars Freaks, or people with a general malice of forethought regarding this list. I really want to add other ones but for now, i won't bore you to death.

Thursday Next: this series is awesome because...wait? is this a sci-fi? umm...ok. i think it is. but anyway, it is set in an alternate universe in the 80's where the Crimean war is still raging, Dodo birds aren't extinct and the government is a fantastically sick mixture of bureaucracy and corporate ownership...wait. whatever. i absolutely love this series because it completely ignores all the paradoxical issues that plague time-travel and just goes with it. events happen at the speed of plot and it openly acknowledges it. it is the mad magazine for literary snobs as well as a parody of the genre it takes advantage of. its irreverence to accuracy beyond the story makes this extremely endearing. who doesn't want to imagine mammoths migrating through suburban Britain? really?

1984 the real dystopia. and the true measurement of how poorly our government is working for us, if you can draw three or more parallels then fear for your life and get active. George Orwell isn't screwing around, he wasn't writing a history, or at least he hoped he wasn't. this book makes you hyper aware of the world and how easy power is to maintain once it has been sacrificed. plus this one doesn't have talking pigs.

Star Wars
ok. it doesn't even make that much sense as a series. george lucas really messed up bad. he couldn't keep the series together and his story was really bad overall, but the original trilogy still makes me get all misty-eyed and i absolutely love the visceral fights using models. he really went wrong with the giant cg jar-jar but overall the creation of a universe that spirits you away to a galaxy fighting a balance of for its very soul while everyone still wears capes is pretty damn awesome. oh, and c'mon, the games are freakin' fun to play.

Star Trek warp 9 is the speed of plot. but don't tell any trekkies that. they'll pull out a phaser and adjust it to kill. you. but otherwise this is an excellent universe because it has a mission of peace, tolerance, and tight one-pieces. but that doesn't happen usually, they kill maim and red-shirts disappear faster than kirk's hairline. personally, i am a picard fan because he is immune to the antics that kirk fell prey to often, he is a ladies-man but chooses not to be. so the prime directive be damned. i hope they keep exploring new worlds.

a crazy cool mixture of western cowboy flicks, pop-culture, and eastern traditions flavored with real physics and lovable characters makes this series AWESOME. with a t. i don't know what that means. but really, no sound in space plus no faster than light travel equals geek awesomeness. joss whedon did good with buffy, but i am a sci-fi fanatic. want proof of firefly's awesomeness? my girlfriend says she likes it. there, pick-up chicks with that shiz. "hey baby, i like firefly, you want to go back to my shuttle pod and explore my serenity?" maybe not.

Firefly opening theme

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Cowboy Bebop
kung-fu characters meshed with stylistic japanese anime means this is always fun. more extremely lovable characters and bungling bounty hunters are hysterical when they could do whatever they wanted if they put their mind to it but are usually too lazy to get anything done right. the moon being exploded is pretty awesome too. i mean, who wouldn't want to explore the solar system hunting the heads of wanted fugitives whilst scraping together enough cash to feed yourself.

Futurama fry is frozen in 1999 on the eve of the new year and wakes up in the year 3000. coolness, every geek's secret dream. sci-fi in the future is a boring documentary and they raised the speed of light so that people could travel across the universe faster. and c'mon, i know i always wanted a hedonistic robot for a best friend and to have a mad crush on a cyclops mutant from the sewers. i think.

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I, Robot not the i, robot that will smith pissed on and called a film, but the original isaac asimov stories. through the history and development of robots, asimov also chronicles the development of its core characters as well as the development of robots from clunky servants to intelligent and sentient beings. he writes a definitive treatise on robot ethics, and in society we have already broken them. but like any treatise of idealism it will remain so until someone says that this is messed up shiz. asimov defined quite clearly the pulp version of sci-fi and most sci-fi's derive from him. ESSENTIAL


Not This!

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Ghost in the Shell as the world becomes more connected, as people become more connected, what defines the soul of the man? are the drones at their cubicles souls still? as programs become increasingly more sophisticated is it possible that a soul may just develop from it? GitS asked these questions as the fairly young internet was being released to the world. in this noirish film everything, even reality is up for grabs. awesome as both a mind-trip and an exercise in web-ethics.

Akira let's drive around awesome motorcycles and be violent teenagers in a disgruntled political atmosphere. let's be products of a hateful, dying society and explore notions of unfettered power in the process. it's so cool i just had a nerdgasm. really. this is what brought anime to the states, in its uber-violent cinema, it is another film that asks how a post-apocalyptic world will look and if it is possible to rise from the ashes. really, watch it carefully, there is so much symbolism that as i write this more things are occurring to me. it could be a drinking game, a deadly one.

i know this isn't very complete, but i mean, if you have a better suggestion, leave a comment.

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