Sunday, September 23, 2007

Olivia's Passage

My sister wrote this passage, I love it, it's very nice...enjoy yourself

A pair of lonely brown shoes-with brass buckles delicately placed on
top-sit quietly on the floor. Like soulmates and best friends they stick
together, playfully following the other's step. A smudge of clumpy mud
sticks to the sides of the wearing leather. The insides have worn-in
prints, with a foot mold that you will find matches perfectly with the
foot that places itself in it everyday.
The shoes rest peacefully by one another secretly exchanging each
other's events.
"Did you see the red chair on my right?"
"No," replies the left, "you were on my right."
A new morning, brown leather stitched with morning dewed grass,
marches through the wandering halls of school. Little buckles, brass
eyes meet and greet their friendly leather, cloth, and plastic
friends.Watching, knowing, guiding through the halls, lonely browns
wanders from class to class, desk to desk, and colored tile to tile.
Lonely browns sleep by side on their soft carpet bed, resting for
another walk, another stroll through a meandering day. Another day,
another wearing spot, a mud smudge, and another rust scratch repeated
day after day; until one day lonely browns will rest peacefully forever
on their carpet bed.

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